When should you "Bump the Publisher?"

When a school uses either Simple Networking or Full Networking The Honor Level System allows for there to only be one computer at time where the main data entry is being done. This computer is designated as the "Publisher."

There can only be one publisher logged on to the program at a time.
If you normally work as a publisher and launch the program you may find a message like this:

The message attempts to tell you who and where another publisher is currently logged on at this time. Occationally there may be situations where the program thinks that another publisher is working but you can confirm that this is not true. This might happen if a computer locks up and the user restarts it, for example.

In this case you may need to "Bump" this publisher offline so that you can log on and go to work.

To do this, simiply log on as a "Subscriber" which is currently your only option.

If you are using Simple Networking, you will see a yellow box like the one at the right on your home screen. If you are using Full Networking, you will be down graded to Editor's Status.

Once your program is running, click thebutton.

Then clickas shown on the right.

The program will show you the following prompt.

Clickand you will then be asked to enter your Verification Code.

If you enter the correct code, you will be told to re-launch the program and you can then sign on as a publisher.