Finding Records with First Names Only

If you are looking for a student record and you are not sure of the child's last name, The Honor Level System software helps you find the record quickly.

Normally, when entering the student's name you put in both the first and last names separated by one space. If you leave out the space, the program will ask you if you are entering first name or a last name only.

For example: If you are looking for a student named Christopher and you are not sure of the last name, enter the first name only.

The program will want to know more about what you are doing. Click First Name as you see below.


Nearly instantly you will see all of the students with this name. Highlight the one you want and click OK or simply double-click the student's name and you will be taken to the record.


You can also enter part of a student's name. In this example, we could have simply entered chris. You will have more names to choose from because it will pick up other names that have these letters in them.
The letters do not need to be the first letters in the name. Any name that contains chris anywhere will appear on the list, even if the letters are in the last name. So if you have a student named Amanda Christianson, she too would show up as one of your choices.

Note: You can use the First Name Only feature anytime you must enter a student's name. For example, it words the same when entering infractions.