Has your license expired?

It says my license has expired.

  1. Our version of the program was a free trial.

  2. Why would the license expire?

  3. We just started using the program. There never was a reminder!

  4. We know you have received our payment. Why is there a red box?

  5. We updated our software as you asked, but the red box is still here!

  6. We are running last year's software

A - "Our version of the program was a free trial."

Call us at 360-483-4885 and we will see if we can extend the trial for you.

B - "Why would the license expire?"

We don't expect your license to expire. If your HLS home screen looks like the one above it may be because of several reasons.

We know that when schools order products and services that there is often an extensive trail of paper work that has to wind its way through the system. That process can sometimes get derailed without anyone's notice.

We have put a reminder into the software to let schools know that we have not received payment. Beginning 30 days before the program would expire; you should see a message each time you launch it warning you that this is going to happen. Usually this works well. Sometimes, however, there are surprises. (See Below)

C - "We just started using the program. There never was a reminder!"

The reminder system uses two pieces of information to determine if it should activate. One is your school name. The other is the date in your computer.

It may be possible that the software is confused by the format of your computer's date. In the US we use a short date format: mm-dd which allows us to use two numbers to represent first the month then the day. In other parts of the world the common format is: dd-mm. The date comes first and the month second. For example, the date 08-11 would mean August 11 in the US, but November 8 in other countries.

We set up our software using the US system (we have modified it for New Zealand schools). We are assuming that your computer settings are using the mm-dd format. You can change the format your computer uses. It is possible that your settings use the other format. This may cause the software to jump to its expired mode prematurely.

You can either change the format by looking at Regional Settings in your computer's Control Panel or let us know that you prefer this format and we will help you make the dates in HLS match yours. It is important that we do one or the other. If we don't match the date formats, the dating routines used in the software will not function correctly.

If you do change your date format, you may also need to follow the steps in section E below.

D - "We know you have received our payment. Why is there a red box?"

When we received your payment, we posted a new version of the software on our web site. We sent an email to your school requesting that you update your software. This message may have been sent to the wrong person. You should update your software at this time and then follow the steps in section E below to make the red expiration box go away.

Your computer is able to update some of the system software automatically. Unfortunately we cannot do that with The Honor Level. You will always need to do that yourself.

E - "We updated our software as you asked, but the red box is still here!"

Your software may have expired before you installed the update.

Launch Honor Level as you normally would and follow these steps:
  1. Click:

  2. Click:

  1. Click:

  2. Check the box next to the red text.

  1. If your software has been updated since your payment was received you should simply see this message.

Now click OK and then re-launch HLS. If you still see the expired box please call us at: 360-483-4885

F - "We are running last year's software"

If you are starting a new school year and have not yet sent us data to prepare, you will see the red box when launching last year's program. You can still look at student records, print reports, and run data analysis routines.

Do not update your software until you have installed this year's data

Click this link to see How to send us data.


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