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So, what's new?

12-13-17 A problem was discovered that if a school was using Time and Location and adding notes at the infraction window, those notes would not appear at the student record window. This has been fixed.
07-27-17 The software has been updated for the 2017-2018 school year.
03-15-16 The software has been updated for the 2016-2017 school year.
03-15-16 This update allows us to prepare student data without student names which are later imported on site.
10-02-15 This update fixes a date range issue that caused the Data Analysis routines to ignore dates in Archived Data.
10-02-15 This update fixes a bug that occurred when attempting to graph 'Gender' in the Custom Data Analysis Tool.
09-25-15 A special request has been added for Washington Junior High.
09-16-15 A special request has been added for Spencer Middle School.
08-09-15 We discovered that if a school launched the program with an incorrect license number and could not reach us to get the correct number, they could not close the program. It insisted that the correct number be entered. We have added a 'Quit' button to that window so that they can try again later.
08-09-15 This update streamlines the new year installation for schools who no longer have last year's data on the computer.
08-09-15 The software has been updated for the 2015-2016 school year.
11-09-14 One of our schools was having trouble setting beginning and ending dates in the Custom Data Analysis tool. We found the problem and fixed it.
10-04-14 We found that when trying to enter infractions, if a non-essencial file was empty it could generate an error 62. An error trap has been added that solves this problem.
09-19-14 This update takes care of an error that occurs if you have two infractions in your list with the same code. The program used to crash when launching if there was a duplicate infraction code in your list. Now it will rebuild the list and discard the second of the duplicate items. NOTE: It is OK to have duplicate items in your infraction list that might, for example, have a different number of demerits as long as the two items have DIFFERENT code letters assigned to them. You can not use the same code letter twice in your list.
09-19-14 A Special Request for Forsythe Middle School has been added.
09-03-14 This update makes it easier for schools to load and run a free trial version of the program.
09-02-14 A Special Request for Hidden Valley Middle School has been added.
08-20-14 This update contains a minor change that makes it easier for returning schools to install their new year data when last year's data folder is no longer on the computer.
08-08-14 The software is now ready for the 2014-2015 School Year.
04-09-14 This update fixes a minor problem in the code that handles 'Defined Groups' on the 'Groups' window. If the user used the short cut of double clicking the name of a defined group instead of clicking the 'View Group' button, the program would just end with an error message. This has been corrected and the double clicking short cut now works the same as clicking the 'View Group' button.
01-14-14 It was brought to our attention that the 'Slip Maker' did not convert the heading 'Honor Level One' to 'All Star' after a restart marker had been installed in student records. This has been corrected.

As always, call 360-483-4550 if you have questions about these or any other aspect of The Honor Level System.