A-Day B-Day Schedules

The Honor Level System can handle the needs of schools that alternate daily schedules. Detention Slips are usually handed out at the beginning of the school day. The A-Day B-Day option on the Print Task Manager window helps you get these slips to the right teacher every day.

Each student record may be linked to two staff codes. In HLS we call one "Roll" and the other "Advisor." These designations need not match the titles you use at your own school. For example, you may want to assign a student's third period teacher as one and fourth period teacher as the other.

When you send us data to prepare we will put the first teacher you provide in the "Roll" field and the second one in the "Advisor" field. If you provide only one teacher name, the "Advisor" field will contain the code none.

If you find that the two staff codes need to be reversed, click here to see how to quickly flip the roll and advisor codes in every student record.

If you schedule lunch periods by grade level and want to deliver the Detention Slips to teachers at different class periods, you can use the A-Day B-Day options and the grade level check boxes to print two separate batches of slips.