The Print Task Manager

Since its earliest beginnings in 1986 our goal has been to make The Honor Level System as easy to manage as possible. We have built this program around the needs of the person who enters the data and prints the slips and reports every day. We have listened to people at the keyboard and let them guide us in this area.

The Print Task Manager is our answer to your requests. Each day you do the same thing. You want a simple button that will exicute all the tasks with a single click so that you can walk away from the computer and get on with your busy schedule. Then when you're ready you will find everything you need waiting for you in your printer's tray.

What you see below is the Print Task Manager in it's simplest form. There is an option that generates a larger version which includes all of the Date to be Served features. Click on the link in the previous sentence to learn more.

Please note: Most of the checks that you see when you open this window are pre-set in your Site Editor. You can change them there so you won't have to change them here each time you access the Print Task Manager. See the notes below to find out where to make these changes.

To help you understand all that is happening here, we will look at each of the six frames separately and see what they do. Remember, you can always check the Help Box and then move your mouse pointer over objects in the window to learn more about what you see on the screen.

The Date to Be Served Options

If your print task manager is wider and includes more frames, it is because you have activated the Date to be Served features of your program. Click the this link to learn more about these options.