Private Notes and Comments

The Honor Level System provides you with a tool that lets you keep private notes on individual students. Click here for more inforation on creating comments. Click on the large Notes button at the top right corner of a student's record.

These options are only available if you have your software configured for either Simple Networking or Full Networking.

As you can see below, theoption is already selected. Type (or paste) in your comment and close the window.


When you create a private note on a student, you are still permitted to have a Shared Comment of your own. You can even have a Shared Alerts at the same time. Select the note you want to view by clicking the appropriate option circles near the top of the window.


Note: We use the term Private here somewhat loosely. We do not want to suggest that notes you put here might never be read by anyone else. In the context of the HLS program, the notes are only seen by users at a particular computer. If you share this computer with a co-worker and you both have access to The Honor Level System, both of you will have access to the same Private Comments.