The Network Administration Program

The HLS Network Administration Program is a stand alone application that is installed in the same directory as your HLS application. A fresh copy of the program is placed there each time you update your software. The file does not appear as an application. It is posted under the file name: HLSNetAdmin.tmp and in this form can not be executed.

When you launch your HLS program, the software checks for the existence of this file and then based on the configuration of your system does one of two things with it.

If you are manually setting up your configuration, you can unzip the update file and then rename this application yourself.

Determining if you have the network administration program on your computer.

If you have activated full networking look at the yellow log on window when you launch your HLS application.


If you find thebutton on the lower left of the window, you have the program on your computer.

Installing the program if it isn't there.

If your yellow log on window does not have thebutton refer to the following link to update your software.

After your software has been updated, launch HLS again. The button will still not be visible. Close the program and then re-launch it. Your button should appear now. You must be logging on as a Publisher for this to work.

Launching the Network Administration Program

When you click thebutton the application will open with the following green screen.


You will be asked to enter an access key. If you do not know your key you can call us at the number indicated on the window or at 360-483-4885 and obtain your key.

Please note: The admin program requires many of the same files used by the HLS application. You must have installed and successfully launched the regular HLS program with either Simple Networking or Full Networking on the same computer for the admin program to work correctly.

Setting up a user

To set up a user, launch the Network Admin program and then click the New User tab at the top of the window.


Select the status you want to assign this user and then enter the person's name as the User ID. The User ID is not case sensitive, so you do not have to worry about capital letters. The user will set up her own password when she logs on the first time. Click thebutton when you have made your entry. Repeat this until you have added all the users you want.

Our Full Networking page explains the status choices you set here.

Click thebutton when you are finished. You will be prompted to save your work.

Now re-launch your HLS program and log on.