Using the Slip Maker

Awards not Rewards

The goal of The Honor Level System is to help students understand that we Value Good Behavior. To reach this goal HLS schools associate certain privileges and restrictions for students on the different Honor Levels. The slip maker is provided as a tool to help you in this effort.

We want to mention at this point that we feel that there is a significant difference between an Award and a Reward. This difference is often misunderstood by others.

There are a lot of good reasons for why a Reward/Punishment type of system is not appropriate for a school wide discipline plan. Some critics of The Honor Level System wrongly assume that this is what it is. Click here to learn more about the difference between Awards and Rewards.

Accessing the Slip Maker Tools

When you plan a special activity for students on Honor Level One or Two or if you want to direct students on Honor Level Three or Four to another location while the rest of the school attends an assembly or event, the Slip Maker is one of the tools that can make this task manageable for you.

Click the button shown above to access the Slip Maker.

If all you need is a list of students and their Honor Levels, click thebutton and print lists for All Roll Groups.

The Slip Maker Window


This window is divided into several frames and sections. Let's look at them one at a time and see what they do for you.

Select the Honor Levels...

Select the Grade Levels...

Sorting by Roll or Advisor...

Adjusting the Date on the Slip ...

The Economy Options ...

Adding Your Own Text ...

Printing the Slips

We provide you with a cluster of buttons that help you test and print the slips that you have designed.

Printing Slips from an Imported Group List

Thebox will be checked if you have exported a list from Groups. If you want to revisit your last exported group, check this box manually.

For more information about printing slips for groups, click this link.