Adding Staff Codes

When we prepared your HLS data, the only staff codes that were added are for teachers who had students during the period you selected to send us.

Administrators, support people and teacher's who don't have students at that time can be added the first time you use them. Your program will gradually learn your staff as time goes on.

[See the notes below about rules for staff codes.]

Whenever you enter a code that is not already on your staff list, the window at the right pops up. For example, if you are entering a code for Mrs. Benjamin for the first time (she is not on your list yet) you can simply clickand benj will be instantly added to your staff list.

It may be, though, that you have mistyped a staff code. The teacher IS on the list, but you have entered it wrong. Let say that you are trying to enter the code for Mr. Ball but you have accidently typed: bsll. You have two options now. You can clickand re-enter it or you can click theicon to expand the list of names and select ball then click as shown on the left.

Be allert when you see this window. If you are not carefull you may end up with multiple codes for the same teacher.

Adding Staff Codes from a List

You may want to quickly add a list of staff codes that were not included when we prepared your data. You can do that from the "Groups" window on the home screen. Before we go any further, though, let's look at a few rules about creating staff codes.

Rules for Adding Staff Codes:

Usually the staff code is the first four letters of the teacher's last name in lower-case. Numbers and punctation marks are not allowed. A code may be less than four letters but not more.
Each staff code must be unique. If you have two or more teachers with the same four letters at the beginning of their last names, you will need to change one or both of them. Usually, when we prepare your data and find that codes would be in conflict, we take the first three letters of the last name and then the first letter of the first name.
You of course may devise your own system for creating staff codes when there is a conflict in spelling.

Follow these steps to update your staff codes from a list:
  1. On the Home Screen,
    click Groups.

  2. On the Groups Window,
    click thebutton.
  1. Enter your new code in the window and clickor simply press [Enter] on your keyboard.

  2. Repeat these steps until all the names from your list have been added.
  1. Note: You program will warn you if you are entering a code that is already on your list.

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