Editing Staff Codes

Staff Codes are used throughout the program. The editor gives you a tool to manage these codes. You can add new ones, delete codes, and edit existing codes. Here you can also reassign entries made with one staff code to another.

To edit your staff codes go to Utilities and open the editor as shown here on the right.

Then click the tab at the top that reads Staff Codes.

The window will appear. It looks like this:


Remember, you can always check the Help Box and then move your mouse pointer over objects in the window to learn more about what you see on the screen.

Unless you are adding a new code, you must begin by clicking on the code in the list that you want to edit.

Reassigning Entries to a New Code

Sometimes during the school year a teacher's name changes. You may have a woman who gets married and you want to switch all the entries that were made to her maiden name to her new one.

First you must add the new code. You can follow the directions below for doing that.

Next, select the old code from the list and then click thebutton.


Now select the teacher's new code from the same list and click thebutton again.

You will be prompted to be sure you have selected the right codes. The program preforms the task quickly and you are returned to the same window when it finishes.

The red text on the window warns you that this will change the roll and advisor lists as well as discipline entries. You do not want to use this routine when you simply want to change class list. If that is what you need to do click here to see how to swap class lists using the End of Semester Utilities.

Removing a Staff Code

It may be that you want to remove one of your staff codes because you have two codes for the same teacher. In the example that follows we see that we have two codes for the same teacher: boyc, which is incorrect, and boyd.

The first code was accidently entered some time earlier. It wouldn't be here, though, unless it was used. If we remove it, we want to be sure that any entries where it was used get changed to the correct code.

You begin by clicking on the code you want to remove and then clicking thebutton


The software will quickly switch ready itself to reassign boyc's entries to rmvd which is a dummy code short for: Removed.

You probably do not want to use this code, so you select the correct version of the teacher's code: boyd.


Now click thebutton. The software will first prompt you to change the codes and then remove the one you do not want.

Exempting a Staff Code


You may have staff codes that you do not want to included in the routine that prepares the call home requests. We say that the code is exempted. Click this link to learn more.

In the example above we see that the code offi has been flagged to be exempt.

To exempt a code, first click on it to highlight it and then check:. If you want to reverse the exempt status, highlight it and uncheck the box.

Adding a Staff Code

We have provided a convienent button here so you can quickly add a new code if you need one.


Generally the button on the Groups Window is the prefered way to add staff codes.