The Student's Demerit History

This simple tool was added to The Honor Level System because of a request of one school counsilor. She wanted to help her students see how their past behavior has affected their Honor Level and how it will improve if that behavior changes.
Access this tool by clicking onon the Student Record window.

The numbers above the colored bars represent the dates, past dates are black and future dates are gray. The current date is in the middle. It is blue.

The numbers below the bars represent the number a demerits the student had, or could have, on each of those dates.

The Honor Levels are represented by the colors shown across the bottom. Solid bars represent the actual Honor Level on those dates. Hatched bars are the predicted Honor Level for dates in the future. Of course, this assumes that the student will not receive any additional discipline entries.

Currently this tool can only be viewed on the screen. A printing option has not yet been added.