Group List Export Options

Below we look at the export options you can do with this list. Click this link to view the Print Options also available to you from this window.

The Honor Level System gives many ways to view, process, and print groups of students. Review our section on Groups to see the many kinds of groups you can view. After you have selected your group clickto see a window like the one below.


The buttons and options at the bottom of this window will vary depending on the type of list you have selected and whether or not you have clicked on any names in the list.

Exporting to Slip Maker

Click Slip Maker, as shown here, to export this list to the Slip Maker routines if you want to print special notices for this group of students.

Click this link to learn more about Exporting to Slip Maker.

Exporting to Your Phone Dialer

Click Phone Dialer, as shown here, to export this list to your own phone dialer.

This is an upgrade to your program that is available at an additional charge. Call us at 360-483-4885 if you want to know more about adding it to your program.

Click this link to learn more about Exporting to Phone Dialers.

Exporting to Excel or the Web Engine

In addition to the export options briefly mentioned above, you can also export lists to a spread sheet or, if you are using the Web Page Engine upgrade, your Honor Level web pages.

Check the boxes at the top of the columns to select which items you want to export with the student names. To see an explanation of these headings, review Group Lists.


These routines are accessed by holding down both the [Shift] and [Alt] keys on your keyboard while clicking thebutton at the same time. The following window will appear.


CSV stands for "comma separated variables." This file type can be opened and read by many different applications including spread sheets and word processing programs.

You can change the drive, path, and file name here to suit your own needs and the click thebutton.

If you select the Export to Web option the window changes to look like this:


A web page will be created and linked to your others with the data you have selected. It will automatically be deleted after the number of days you specify in this window.