Understanding Fading Infractions

©Copyright 2008, Budd Churchward


This feature comes as a request from a few elementary schools.

They want a way to expunge entries for very minor infractions from the student records after a period of time. This was to allow students who had only reveived one of these infractions a way to come back to a clean record and return to All Star status.

You can flag any infraction or minor infraction as fading as described in Editing Infractions and Editing Minor Infractions.

You also must set the number of days in the fading window on the Edit Options #2 screen. If this value is 0, Fading is turned off. If flagged items will remain in the student record unless a value greater than zero is placed here.

The advantage to doing this is that if a student has had no other entries his record will become clean again.

The disadvantage is that the entries are completely removed. They are then no longer available for historical information, data anlysis, or even staff member reports.