Off Track and Year-Round Schools

In order to accommodate large schools with year-round schedules The Honor Level System provides a way to handle the situation where a different portion of the student body is on break at different times of the year. Many of these schools place their students on what they call tracks and the students who are currently not at school are said to be Off Track.

We want to maintain the records of the off track students, print them when necessary, yet we do not want their names to appear on Honor Level Lists. We do this by placing a special flag in their flag register. It is the capital letter O.

Because you may want to do this with many students all at once we have provided a way to automatically flag a group of students. Click this link to learn more.

The off track flag O works just like the W used to flag Withdrawn Students. If you inadvertently use one of these flags for another group, you will find that the flagged students do not appear on your regular lists.

For example, you would not want to flag the students in your school orchestra with the capital O. However, it would be OK to flag them with the small o.