Automatically Flagging Groups

It is possible with your Honor Level System to quickly create Flagged Groups of students for various purposes. From these lists there are many tasks that can be performed without having to enter student names over and over.

Note: This same feature provides a quick way to automatically unflag a group. Click this link to learn more.

To help you understand this process, let's consider the following example which would be very time consuming in a large school that met year round. One fourth of the students are on break at any time. We call these the Off Track students.

We wish to take all of the students who are in Mr. Bradley's roll room and flag them as Off Track.

We begin by clickingon the home screen. And then bring up Mr. Bradley's class list. Click the button image in this paragraph for help in viewing this list.

Near the bottom of the window click Auto Flag this Group and then select from the list in the flag register the group you would like to add these students to. In our example we have clicked O-Off Track.

The window expands to give you several options.

We will look at these options one by one below.