Understanding the Flag Register

©Copyright 2008, Budd Churchward
In addition to roll-room groups, advisor-groups, grade levels and Honor Levels you can place students if your own customized groups using the Flag Register.

You can create dozens of groups and any student may be assigned membership in up to six different groups. Members can be added or removed from groups as needed throughout the school year.

Defining a Flagged Group

Flagged Groups should first be created from the Groups window. They are defined by a flag that you can see in the student record as a series of ?'s and other characters. A student's flag register might look like this: C????F. The group flag consists of nearly any single, printable character. This feature is case sensitive so the upper and lower case versions of any letter can be used for two different groups. Click here to see how to define a group.

To see a more verbose description of a student's flag register click Edit Biographic on the student record.

Here are some sample flagged groups:

If you included gender information when your data was prepared the following two flags were automatically set for you:

Pre-defined Group Flags

There are a few flags that have special pre-defined purposes. These should only be used for their intended use as the software has been written to recognize these flags. Let's look at these individually.