Are You Networking?

If your Honor Level System home screen doesn't look anything like the ones shown here, it may be because program cannot locate all your data files. Maybe you are launching the program for the first time on this computer.
Click here to find out about the First Time Start Up screen that you may be seeing.

Are you a subscriber?


There are two types networking available to our users: Simple Networking and Full Networking. If your screen looks like the one above, your work station has been given "View Only" access to the Honor Level System data.

Both versions of networking require that one computer be designated as a "Publisher." The software on that computer manages the HLS data base for all of the users. There can only be one computer running as a publisher at any given time. With Simple Networking, the publisher is the only one that makes changes to the data base. You will see that as a subscriber, some of the buttons on the home screen are not enabled. These are tasks that only the publisher should do.

Simple Networking is, as its name implies, just that! We are pleased to offer this convenience to schools at no extra charge. You can install the software on as many computers as you need. Subscribers can print reports and access the data. In some cases, you will see that you can actually change data at your own computer. However, each time you re-launch your program, your data will revert to the same data as the publisher.

Although we do not restrict you from doing so, we do not recommend installing the program on teachers' computers in the classroom. The software displays sensitive and confidential information on the screen. Maintaining appropriate privacy on a monitor that may be viewed by students is not easy to do. If you want your whole staff to have access to Honor Level data, we hope you will consider the Web Page Engine as a better means to share discipline information with your teachers.

With Simple Networking, your data is not updated in real time like it is with Full Networking. Instead, the publisher's computer posts a fresh copy of the data each time the program is closed. Subscribers download the posted data each time their program is launched. This means that after a publisher has made important changes to the HLS data base he or she should close the program and the re-launch it. Then ask the subscribers to do the same.

Many schools need to work beyond these limitations. Click here to see if Full Networking is a better choice for you.

If you computer is configured to be an HLS publisher you will see the word "Publisher" next to your school name in the title bar of the home screen window.

Full Networking: Are you being asked to log in?



If you have upgraded your program for Full Networking, you will be asked to enter a password when you launch HLS. Which buttons are and are not available to you in the program will depend on your user level.

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