Understanding the "Clear Slips" process

People just starting to use The Honor Level System are more likely to be confused by this procedure than any others. Let's see if we can help you understand it.

More than anything else, this has to do with your printer, specifically printing Report to Detention Slips. When you Enter Infractions, those entries are placed into the student records. At the same time, a flag is set indicating that when we print infraction slips later, we want a slip printed for this student.

When you enter a new batch of infractions the next day, we need to clear these flags. If we don't, the program will print yesterday's infraction slips again. We don't have the program clear these flags automatically while it is printing because we need to allow for the chance that something could happen with your printer and require that you print them again.

If you have checked any of the credit mask boxes in the site editor, slips printing for those consequences will not be cleared with this routine. You will need to manually clear these.

Most people really come to understand what this is about when they do it wrong and it becomes more obvious. When you click thebutton and when you don't click it is important.

Clearly the solution is to establish a routine and always click the button at the same time each day. If you enter infractions throughout the day and then print the report to detention slips in the afternoon, we recommend that you always clear your slips the first time you launch the program each day, and never again that day.

We have tried to help you get this right by interupting you as you go through the process and warning you if you are either clearing slips that have not been printed or entering new infractions before yesterday's slips have been cleared.

If you find that you have indeed cleared slips before they were printed, click here to find out about Undoing Clear Slips.