Is Your License About to Expire?

If your Honor Level System software has not yet been registered you will start seeing a warning like the one on the right beginning 30 days before the license is going to expire.

If you continue to run the program without registering the software your license will expire and you will have only limited access to data you have already entered and will not be able to enter more items until you do register it. The following warning will appear on your home screen.

How do we keep the license from expiring?

CALL US: 360-483-4885

We do not want your software to expire and have a few simple options that will keep your program running.

We may have received your payment and you have not registered your software. You will need to call us to do this. We will direct you to Options #4 in the Site Editor and give you a registration number to enter.

If we have not received your payment and time is running out or your software has already expired, call us and we will help you extend your expiration date so there will be more time to receive payment.

Need more help now?

Click here to read more about this in our trouble shooting section.