Options #4 in the Site Editor

A multitude of options and settings that you can use to configure and tune your Honor Level System program to meet the needs of your school are spread over four Options Windows in the Site Editor. To access the fourth window, go to Utilities and open the editor as shown here on the right.

Then click the Options #4 tab at the top of the window.

The options window will appear. It looks like this:


We will go over all of these features frame by frame below.

Remember, you can always check the Help Box and then move your mouse pointer over objects in the window to learn more about what you see on the screen.

Your School Data

School Name


License Number


Postal Code


Activate Full Networking

To start up Full Networking you must first complete Sharing Setup

Then follow the directions to Activate Full Networking where you will be directed to check this box.

Registering Your Software

If you have already registered your software or if it was pre-registered, because we had received payment before you installed the program this year, this check box will not appear on your screen.

You should contact us if you are seeing a notice that your software license is about to expire. We will give you a number to enter when you check this box.

Call us at 360-483-4885.

Including Student Photos

If you have ordered the Photo Upgrade this box needs to be checked. This is usually done for you automatically when you install the photo disk that we prepare for you.

There are two settings that are necessary for your software to find the photos. They can be edited here as you see on the right.

Importing Student ID Numbers

Your Photo Upgrade will need to find each student's ID number in their record. If these were not provided when the data was originally prepared they can be imported later.

Although this button will let you do this here, we will probably direct you to use the Import Demographic Data routine because it utilizes a wizard that walks you through the task. Call us for assistance. 360-483-4885

Grades on Short Window

Click here for an explanation of the Short Window.

If you want to place all of the students of any grade on a short window, check the boxes that you see here on the right.

If any of your grades are missing from this list, you can added them using Options #3. The number of days in the short window is set in Options #1.