Using the HLS Utilities

Utilities is where you want to go to solve problems that may come up from time to time as you use your program. Perhaps your class lists change at the start of a new quarter or semester. Maybe a teacher get's married and you want to change her code. Go here if you want to back up your data or view records from previous years.

This is also where you can tweak and tune the many settings that determine how your program functions and makes your program unique to your school.

Because you won't need to come here often, you will find that the HLS help feature is always turned on when you have the Utilities Window open. As you move your pointer over the many buttons on the right, a description of each task is displayed in the frame on the left.

At times, depending on your configuration and events that have occurred before you come to this window, other buttons may be available. These will help you with specific tasks that are appropriate to you at this time. Click here to find out about Additional Utilities Options.

Here is a quick overview of the routines you can access from the Utilities Window. Click the button images below to learn more.