End of Semester Utilities

At the end of a quarter or semester, there may be changes in your school that require changes in your Honor Level Program. We have placed several tools together in End of Semester Utilities to help you perform these periodic tasks.

To access these tools, first go to Utilities and then click the button as shown above. A list of nine buttons will appear as you see here. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

The first three help you with changes in your class schedules. You can flip students' roll and advisor codes, swap roll room groups, and/or swap advisor groups.

If the class changes are more drastic, you can Import New Data

If you want to start students off at the change of your semester with a clean record or all at the first Stage of Consequence, consider these three options:

Finally, you have access to two more routines that you would probably only use at the beginning of the year when you are setting up your data base.