Understanding Fresh Starts

The Fresh Start is a way to manipulate the consequences for an individual student. It overrides the normal pattern and places the student back to free status regardless of any infractions that have been entered recently.

You may want to use this after a student has worked his way to the highest level of consequence and as part of a behavior contract you want to let him start over.

To give a youngster a Fresh Start, bring up the Student Record and click the Administrative Assignment button as shown here.

Select the date you want to use and then click thebutton. To cancel or remove a Fresh Start use Edit History and delete the entry.

It is possible to set your software to automatically give students a Fresh Start after they have reached the highest level of consequence. You will find this setting in the Site Editor click the tab at the top for Options #3.
We do not recommend that you set this up automatically unless you have a good system for tracking students who reach the highest consequence. Schools who have had trouble with this setting found that students quickly learned that if they failed to report detention again and again, they could bounce over the top and start over before they were called into the office.