Options #3 in the Site Editor

A multitude of options and settings that you can use to configure and tune your Honor Level System program to meet the needs of your school are spread over four Options Windows in the Site Editor. To access the third window, go to Utilities and open the editor as shown here on the right.

Then click the Options #3 tab at the top of the window.

The options window will appear. It looks like this:


We will go over all of these features frame by frame below.

Remember, you can always check the Help Box and then move your mouse pointer over objects in the window to learn more about what you see on the screen.

Your School's Grade Span

Make sure that all of the grade levels of your school are checked in these boxes. Your program uses the grades you mark here in your on screen menus and lists.

If you attempt to add a student and enter a grade that is not checked here, you will get a warning and will not be allowed to proceed.

If you attempt to edit biographical data on a student and enter a grade that is not checked here, you will also be warned and not allowed to proceed.

Signature Request Line

You have the option to add a place for parents to sign the bottom of student reports. The signature request line appears at the bottom of the page and includes check boxes for you to indicate to the parent if you do or do not expect the report to be returned signed. Here is what it looks like:


You have three options:

Editing Parent Contact Items

Use this button to change the list of items used when recording Parent Contacts. Click this link to learn more and see how to edit the list.

Additional Settings in Options #3


Consequence Legend:

Including Demerits on Reports:

Including Minor Infractions on Detention Slips:

Student ID Number on Attendance Lists:

Always Print Comments:

Automatic Fresh Starts:

Check this box if you want students to automatically start their Stages of Consequence over after reaching the highest one. Click this link for more information on Fresh Starts.

Saving Your Changes

When you close this window you will be given the choice to save your changes.

Click this button to learn about
Edit Options #4