Student's Who Better Their Honor Level

The Honor Level System Makes it easy for you to let students know that you know they are improving their behavior. Each day, when you are printing detention slips your software can print you a list of every student who has bettered his or her Honor Level. If you are using the Web Page Engine this list is also posted for your staff to view.

If a principal or counsilor scans this list each morning and later sees one of these children in the building, he or she can pass on an encouraging comment: "Hey, I see you went up to Honor Level Two today. Great job!"

The students feel good and, more importantly, knows that you are paying attention to their progress.

Turning this option on or off

You can turn this feature on or off in the Site Editor which you can access from Utilities. click thetab at the top of the window.

Check or uncheck the box as shown here on the right to turn this on or off. You can also add an additional line of your choice that you want printed on this slip.

A Special Welcome Back

When this feature is turned on, the student will also get a special notice when he or she returns to Honor Level One. Printed with the detention slips is this special welcome back: