Other Direct Assignments Options

Access these features by clicking thebutton on the Student Record window.

Direct Assignments or Administrative Assignments are entries that you make into the student record when major disciplinary events occur. Sometimes we call these the "Big Ticket" items. You can learn more about these at Direct Administrative Assignments. Here we will look at some of the other features that are tucked away on this same window.

As you can see below, there are many choices when you open this window.

Forcing a Student's Honor Level

It is possible to override all of your settings and force a student's Honor Level to any one you wish.

Generally this is not recommended because, until the notes and comments freature had been added, there was nothing in the student's record that documented why the Honor Level had been changed.

That being said, here is how you do it. Let's say you have a student on HL 4 and you want to change that to HL 3.

First change the date on the window to the date you want. Then use the Hold to frame and select Honor Level 3. You will notice that the Force to button text changes to match your selection. Now click thebutton.

When you Force a student's Honor Level, the program ignores any demerits that a student has earned prior to this entry and starts with the minimum number of demerits to put him here. The exception to this is that if you were to force a student to HL2, instead of starting with the minimum of 1 it uses 5. All entries made after this one are added to this count.
The demerits for this entry will be counted until the regular number of days in the student's roll-over window have lapsed.

Locking on Honor Level Four

This is another feature that we do not necessarily recommend. It is here because a school has requested that they have a way to place a student on Honor Level Four and keep him there until they decided to release him.

This feature completely overrides the normal roll-over window. Once a student has been locked on HL4 the only way to return them to regular levels is to manually unlock him.

To lock a student on HL4 simply click the button. If a student has been locked on Honor Level Four, the button will appear as:. These buttons toggle the lock on and off.

The program uses the Flag Register to manage this lock. It reserves the special character + for this purpose. If you add or remove a + to the student's flag register you are doing the same as clicking this button.

Giving a Student a Fresh Start

The Fresh Start is a way to manipulate the consequences for an individual student. It overrides the normal pattern and places the student back to free status regardless of any infractions that have been entered recently.

You may want to use this after a student has worked his way to the highest level of consequence and as part of a behavior contract you want to let him start over.

To give a student a Fresh Start, first select the date you want to use and then click thebutton. To cancel or remove a Fresh Start use Edit History and delete the entry.

It is possible to set your software to automatically give students a Fresh Start after they have reached the highest level of consequence. You will find this setting in the Site Editor click the tab at the top for Options #3.
We do not recommend that you set this up automatically unless you have a good system for tracking students who reach the highest consequence. Schools who have had trouble with this setting found that students quickly learned that if they failed to report detention again and again, they could bounce over the top and start over before they were called into the office.

Setting a Restart Marker

Thebutton allows you to place a marker in an individual student's record that hides all previous entries. Usually this is something schools choose to do at the end of the semester for the whole school. Click this link in this paragraph to learn more about Restart Markers.

Bravo Points

Bravo Points are the opposite of demerits. Click this link to learn more about Bravo Points.